DR. GUANCHE IS AMAZING!!! I was severely injured at work and had many injuries including a nasty shoulder injury. My first Dr. (Whom I won’t name) didn’t notice that my shoulder was dislocated for 7 months!!! It was outrageous. He was only taking X-rays from 1 direction. So after he FINALLY got the MRI report back, he realized that my shoulder was much worse than he thought. Since my shoulder was dislocated for so long and never detected, my bones had ground down and were no longer a properly working rotator cuff! He wasn’t comfortable doing the repair, so he sent me to Dr. Guanche who is an expert with this type of injury. I am so grateful that he sent me to Dr. Guanche because my first Doctor repaired my ankle (which was severely broken) and it was not done very well at all, especially compared to the precision work that Dr. Guanche does.

Right away, Dr. Guanche relieved my concern by telling me he could fix my shoulder. He informed me that I would need a shoulder replacement surgery. His team of nurses (Blanca and Lillit) did an excellent job with following up with the Workers Comp rep to get my surgery done. Workers Comp always SO long, but they were persistent and stuck with it. They got my surgery scheduled faster than my other Workers Comp surgeries by far.

Dr. Guanche did a tremendous job with the surgery and I am so happy with my progress now. I had the surgery about a month ago and I’m on the way to a full recovery. There was minimal swelling afterward and the incision looked like something a plastic surgeon would have done. I am in pain but that is to be expected. I have tattoos all over my arms and shoulders and Dr. Guanche said he would try and line my tattoos up as best as possible. Which he did, there’s barely a scar!! I am in physical therapy now and although it’s too early to say if I am going to be back to 100%, I can say with honesty that Dr. Guanche is the best surgeon I have ever received care from. He is kind, professional, easy to talk to and is punctual, which is usually unheard of in the medical field. I suggest to anyone reading this, have Dr. Guanche do your surgery and assist you in healing. He is the best!!

– T.P. –

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