I consulted Dr. Guanche to undertake the unenviable task of surgically correcting a complex and painful orthopedic condition in my right proximal hamstring area. The chronic pain was sometimes intense and often disruptive to activities of daily living. Tasks as simple as bending over to comfort my toddler or sitting through 30-minute meetings were intensely uncomfortable.

I have deep empathy for people who suffer from chronic pain because of my own struggles with the leg. In 1987 I damaged the tendon in a weight room. Twice I underwent surgery to fix the condition (1995 and 2001) and twice I had an unsatisfactory result. After living with the pain for years I decided to try one last time and look for a specialist in hip surgery. Choosing Dr. Guanche was based on reading about him on-line, about his training and experience, and watching his surgical videos on YouTube. In the initial consult, he was knowledgeable and highly motivated to help. The day of the surgery the entire staff was professional and supportive. At my request, he did the procedure early in the morning because I have hypoglycemia and cannot go for a prolonged time without eating. However, the amazing thing was the actual surgery itself.

Upon making the incision the condition of my leg was grim and messy. The sciatic nerve was severely scarred down and trapped. There was a 4cm avulsion with complete tears of the biceps femoris and semitendinosus. And finally, several areas had ossification causing more problems. In the hands of a less skilled and inexperienced surgeon, these issues would be insurmountable. He corrected each issue without complication for a good solid repair.

I believe that if I went to 100 surgeons, maybe one or two could have managed this reconstruction with a favorable outcome. I was hoping to reduce the pain a little, and had modest hopes for small improvement. What I received was a cure. The procedure was done on January 26, 2016, and I am now 15 weeks post surgery and participating in physical therapy. The terrible nerve pain is completely gone. The inflammation in the tendon area is gone. The chronic pain, while walking and sitting, is gone.

I am sensitive to the fact that surgery does not always help and will not always go well for everyone. I have had my share of discouraging medical outcomes. However, in this circumstance, with this surgeon, I can make the remarkable statement that after almost 30 years of chronic pain, Dr. Guanche cured the entire problem.

This review is written with respect and gratitude to Dr. Guanche. Please consult with him if you need help. He has my highest rating.

– J.B. –

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